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Top ten reasons you should choose to work with a smaller chartered accountancy firm.

Here are the top ten reasons you should choose to work with a smaller chartered accountancy firm

1) A better relationship with your accountant

Smaller firms are actually interested in building a genuine, long-lasting relationship with you. You will tend to have a dedicated team who look after you and your business. Not someone different every time you make contact.

2) Referral potential

Smaller accountants can refer work to you and possibly use your services themselves.

3) Flexibility

If you need to discuss payments, big firms have certain policies and practices in place that every employee needs to follow. There's more flexibility with a smaller firm to have a service rate and payment plan that both you and they are happy with.

4) Services packages

Instead of being forced to choose a standard accounting package that is closest to your needs, you are far more likely to receive an individual tailored range of services from a smaller firm. This may save you from spending extra on 'included services' you don't actually require.

5) Working with the best accountant

Smaller firms often offer a better working environment, including better work-life flexibility, a welcoming environment and more hands-on experience, meaning they attract the very best talent with a wide range of skills.

6) Ongoing support

Smaller firms provide support with day-to-day accounting issues you face. Ad hoc phone calls are all part of the service. 

7) More proactive

When smaller firms spot issues, they are more likely to raise them with you and help you overcome them. A larger firm may just take things at face value and do the work they were enlisted for, instead of aiming to get the best for you and your business.

8) Specialist Advice

Smaller firms often specialise in different business sectors, which means you can get valuable advice which is relevant to your particular company.

9) Trusted adviser

Once you have signed up to a smaller accountancy firm, they don't just become your accountant, they become your trusted adviser, and they help with anything from finance forecasting to systems implementations and even new recruitment.

10) A shared perspective

Ultimately, a smaller accountancy practice is an SME just like you. This means that there is a genuine empathy for the challenges you will face in building up your business. They understand how tough these challenges are because they face them ourselves.

What makes Page Kirk stand out from all the other small accountancy firms?

We are members of Accelerate (formally known as HCWA)

We're passionate about our independence, preferring to take our own decisions and to respond quickly to client needs. We recognise that size and reach have their benefits and, as an independent member of Accelerate (an association of firms in the UK and worldwide), we have access to the latest technical training and 'local' advice should your ambitions take you beyond these shores.

Accelerate is a community of independent, relationship-focused, technology-driven and value-based accounting firms. Being part of this association means that, as a client, you can rest assured you're dealing with a business that can confidently deliver all of the services you would expect from an accountant, on a truly independent local basis. This means we are able to give you the kind of bespoke advice that an independent accountancy firm offers but on a national and international level.

Page kirk recently were named best small accountancy firm in the East Midlands.

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