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Are you self-employed or part of a partnership? If so, our Nottingham-based accountants can help you prepare all the figures you need for tax purposes.

Sole Traders and members of a Partnership must submit accounts to HMRC that are very different to those of a limited company. This process can be technical and usually requires specialist advice from a tax adviser to avoid fines and penalties from HMRC and to save money where possible. Why leave it to chance?


How we can help

Our accounts preparation for sole traders and partnerships compiles accounting records into a format which complies with accounting principles, which in turn assists you in making financial decisions concerning your business and can even help if you need to go to the bank for funding.

We take time to understand you and your needs to ensure the correct claims are being made and that you understand the financial figures in the accounts. This results in the correct claims being made.

In addition to the accounts process, we prepare tax computations, which consider non- taxable adjustments from the accounting records. From this, we can produce the taxable profit figure, which is then included on your personal tax return.

For partnerships, we split the profit in accordance with profit shares throughout the year and factor in any profits to be included on an individual basis before the remainder of profit is shared. If holiday is not taken, for example, there would be an additional amount of profit due to a partner in the year, unless it is carried forward.

At Page Kirk, we’ve provided accountancy services for sole traders and partnerships for many years and understand how busy life can get as your business grows. With this service, you don’t need to just rely on your own efforts. We can ensure you’re compliant, you are claiming the tax reliefs you’re entitled to and you’re paying the right amount of tax. We’re always here to discuss your business needs.

Why hire an accountant for your accounts?

By hiring a team of Chartered Accountants and Tax Advisers, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that a professional is ensuring maximum compliance, free from errors, with the potential to even save money by legally reducing your tax liabilities.

If you’re a Sole Trader or part of a Partnership looking for strategic, insightful and compliant financial advice, please do not hesitate to contact one of our accountants in Nottingham by calling 0115 955 5500 or emailing

Tax Services for Sole Traders and Partnerships:

  • Devising a tax-efficient strategy
  • Compiling multiple income sources
  • Preparing year-end accounts
  • Issuing reminders of key dates
  • Notifying you of allowances to reduce tax liabilities

Benefits our Sole Trader and Partnerships accounts service:

  • Accounts in accordance with accounting principles
  • Free ad hoc advice for accounting queries
  • Ensuring compliance with deadlines
  • Prompt turnaround
  • Time-saving, as you don't have to do all the tasks yourself
  • Business growth, as you have time to focus and can rely on sound financial advice
  • Potential reduction in tax liabilities due to additional claims being made

Why choose Page Kirk for your tax return requirements?

The complex administration required for your accounts can be complicated and time-consuming however, Page Kirk can complete all the necessary work on your behalf. We can ensure that you are working in the most efficient and compliant means possible to comply with ongoing regulations.

At Page Kirk, our chartered accountants are experts in business accounting and can provide you with all the advice you need, taking the hassle out of your accounting obligations so that you can focus on the things which matter most.

  • A single point of contact for all of your enquiries
  • National and international connections
  • A service that is tailor-made for you
  • Quick response time
  • Business heritage dating back over 120 years
  • Nottingham-based accountants with national and international reach
  • Saving you valuable time with technology solutions
  • Hands-on partners who give you the best advice

With Page Kirk, not only will your business be compliant with laws and regulations, but you will also be assured that our team will recognise operational areas for improvement, such as better structures and areas where technology can be used to bring down costs and increase efficiencies.

Whatever type of organisation you are running, our team of business accountants in Nottingham can help you ensure you’re set up for success. Contact us today for further advice or to discuss the next steps by calling us on 0115 955 5500 or emailing

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