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Looking ahead within a business is vital to ongoing success. We offer expertise in planning, budgeting and forecasting to help you thrive.

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Business Advisory

Your business’ financial information acts much like a Sat Nav. You can use it to see where you’ve come from, and you should be analysing it to map out your route ahead. As a business owner, you will have a sense of your ultimate destination, but what you need to work out is the best way to get there.

You might be about to hit some roadworks which slow your business’ progress, in the form of unexpected costs, cashflow difficulties or underperforming service/product lines. Total clarity and financial oversight are the only way to truly scale a business. Our experienced team takes your financial data and turns it into something meaningful to help you run your business.


Effective financial planning is key to business growth and achieving objectives. From forecasting finances in preparation for launching a new start-up to ensuring reporting is fully compliant, there are many elements of financial planning that are essential for both your day-to-day business operations and the long-term future of your company.

By analysing business finances effectively, you can make more informed decisions that can deliver improved results. Advanced technological solutions are now available to delve deeper into the key areas of financial planning, budgeting, reporting and forecasting, so leveraging the features can provide your business with a competitive advantage and help achieve greater profits.

For example, comprehensive financial analysis can quickly identify issues such as underperforming services or product lines, unexpected costs or cashflow difficulties. For many businesses, these problems take a while to be discovered, during which time your business will be operating in a less financially efficient way and losing money.


Page Kirk Business Advisory Services

At Page Kirk, our team of chartered accountants have many years’ experience of advising businesses on how to operate more efficiently and of providing guidance on the ways to improve financial planning, budgeting, reporting and forecasting.

Our business advisory services are all-encompassing and tailored to the specific requirements of each client. Here’s a summary of how we can support your business:


Your business success relies significantly on how effectively you plan out your objectives and milestones to enable you to achieve your goals.

To develop the most effective business strategy, Page Kirk can provide insights and expert advice that can help your business to improve profits, increase value and identify other areas of performance that can be improved.

We can also help with solutions for raising funds, either for starting up your business, buying assets or making other purchases.

Budgeting, Reporting and Forecasting

Whether your business is still in the planning phase, or you are years into operation, accurate budgeting and forecasting of your finances are vital to cash flow. Using the experience of Page Kirk’s accountants – and the advanced features of sophisticated forecasting software and tools to provide more accurate forecasting – you can budget more effectively.

Historical figures can show you how your business has performed retrospectively, but limiting your reporting to after-the-fact figures restricts your ability to plan ahead and possibly your ability to grow your business too. With a firm budget and well thought-out forecasting, you can shine a new light on your business to see things that historical reporting can’t show you.

Understanding where you want your business to be is the key to building a sensible budget. Your budget should be built around what you want your business to achieve. You’ll want to have cost benchmarks to aim for so that you can clearly see when you’re over or under budget in each area of your business. Being able to respond quickly to budget variances is critical to success.

Nobody can predict what the future holds, but you can build reliable forecasts based upon an understanding of your business and various educated assumptions. Having regular forecasts to analyse is important so that you can see whether your business is on track or needs a slight course correction. With the latest digital solutions and business expertise from Page Kirk, the future is significantly easier to predict.

Software features such as Artificial Intelligence can ensure a wide range of factors are taken into account to improve the accuracy of your financial forecasting, incorporating historical patterns and market changes.

With up-to-date forecasting, you will be aware of any projected financial issues sooner, enabling you to make key decisions to adapt your business earlier to avoid the projected issue. We can also help with corporate reconstruction, if that is a solution you are looking to deliver to reduce costs and operate more efficiently.

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Why choose Page Kirk for Your Business Advisory needs?

Business advisory requires an in-depth and intricate knowledge of a company to really unlock its potential. Page Kirk can assist and support you as your business grows and evolves. We can help ensure that all of your requirements and obligations are met in the most effective and efficient way.

Our experienced team of business advisers will be there to support you along every step of the way throughout your business’ lifetime, and will provide sound and up-to-date advice which gives you the confidence you need to reach the next step.

Our chartered accountants can provide you with all the advice you need, taking the hassle out of your obligations so that you can focus on your business.

  • A single point of contact for all of your enquiries
  • National and international connections
  • A service that is tailor-made for you
  • Quick response time
  • Business heritage dating back over 120 years
  • Nottingham-based accountants with national and international reach
  • Technological solutions to save you valuable time
  • Hands-on partners who give you the best advice

With Page Kirk, not only will your business be compliant with laws and regulations, but you can also rest assured that our team will recognise operational areas for improvement, such as better structures and areas where technology can be used to bring down costs and increase efficiencies.

What really matters to us is building long-term relationships with our clients so that we can give the very best advice. Beyond our accounting services, we are here to help you grow your business. By tailoring our package of services to your business needs, we can fulfil your expectations, maintain deadlines and do the legwork for you.

Whatever type of organisation you are running, our team of business accountants in Nottingham can help you ensure you’re set up for success.

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