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Corporation Tax

Corporate tax compliance covers a broad and complex area of tax legislation, which requires competent and knowledgeable advisers in assisting with the evolving requirements.

What is corporate tax compliance?

All trading limited companies are required to file a Corporation Tax Return with HMRC on at least an annual basis. All companies are subject to tax liabilities on their profits at the applicable Corporation Tax rate. This rate periodically changes and may be determined by your business’ profits and it’s therefore important to remain updated on the applicable rate for your accounting period. At Page Kirk, our experienced tax advisors can assist you both in the compliance elements of filing your returns and get to know your business in order to advise you on how best to take advantage of tax reliefs available to you in areas such as capital expenditure.

Corporation Tax

An overview of expenses and Corporation Tax relief

Most business-related costs your company incurs can be deducted from the company’s taxable profits. However, statutory limitations apply to some expenses which may deny relief – examples may include:

  • Entertainment expenses
  • Expenses not wholly and exclusively for the purposes of trade
  • Capital expenditure
  • Provisions recognised within your accounts
  • Certain vehicle lease expenses
Corporation Tax

Contact our team of specialists for further information and to discuss your tax compliance and advisory obligations.

Can I reduce my corporation tax bill?

Many businesses in the UK still do not make claims for everything that they are entitled to but which require specialist knowledge, including:

  • Research & Development tax credits
  • Capital allowances
  • Profit from patents
  • Production of creative media
  • Financial losses
  • Deferral claims for chargeable gains on qualifying assets
  • Disincorporation

What Page Kirk can help you with

By allowing Page Kirk to look after your company’s tax affairs, you can have the peace of mind that your returns are complete and accurate. There are strict penalties for filing late returns and interest is charged on tax paid late, so we can assist you in adhering to all relevant deadlines, which are determined by your company's annual accounting date. We can also provide you with forward-focused advice, including:

  • Advise you on the most appropriate timings to invest in capital expenditure, taking advantage of the various tax reliefs available to your business
  • Assist you in estimating your tax payments on accounts for businesses that qualify as ‘large’ for tax purposes
  • Advising you on optimising your business structure, with a holistic view of the tax consequences, both corporate and personal

    Keep you up to date with any significant changes to tax legislation that may impact on your business and help with ways to mitigate the consequences

    Provide peace of mind that in the event of a HMRC enquiry, we would be at your side to help you demonstrate your compliance with the legislation

Who can benefit from our services?

All businesses liable to UK Corporation Tax can benefit from our expertise, whether you are a single entity or a group of companies. Page Kirk have experience with businesses as diverse as solicitors, manufacturers, dentists, retailers, e-commerce vendors, service industries and many more. Our team of specialist tax advisors are able to assist you with your tax compliance and advisory requirements to offer sound, expert advice.

Benefits of being a Page Kirk client

  • Access to your own account manager and a qualified team of experts
  • Genuine business advice, that looks beyond your numbers
  • Consideration of both your business and personal interests and tax affairs
  • Page Kirk is a member of Accelerate, a community of relationship-focused, technology-driven, value-based accounting firms with international coverage through Crowe Global, meaning you have the expertise of a national firm of accountants but the service and relationship of a local and independent firm

We can act as a point of contact for all your VAT requirements, ensuring that all deadlines are met, whilst avoiding penalties and fines.

Whether this is your first requirement to file a tax return, you are looking for a new advisor to get to grips with your business, or you need advice and assistance with a HMRC tax enquiry, call us today on 0115 955 5500 or email

Why choose Page Kirk for Your Corporation Tax needs?

Corporation Tax can potentially be complicated and time-consuming, but Page Kirk can complete all the necessary work on your behalf and become your dedicated point of contact for all enquiries. We can ensure that you are working in the most efficient means possible, with an ongoing proactive approach to improving your business.

Our chartered accountants and chartered tax advisers can provide you with all the advice you need, taking the hassle out of your obligations, so that you can focus on running your business.

  • A service that is tailor-made for you
  • Quick response time
  • Business heritage dating back over 120 years
  • Nottingham-based accountants with national and international reach
  • Saving you valuable time with technology solutions
  • A dedicated tax department with a wealth of experience and expertise

With Page Kirk, not only will your business be compliant with laws and regulations, but you will also be assured that our team will recognise operational areas for improvement, such as better structures and areas where technology can be used to bring down costs and increase efficiencies.

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