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Page Kirk Financial Services is a sister business to Page Kirk and offers a distinct range of services for those who want support with financial planning. Fabian Taylor, Partner and Chartered Financial Planner at the firm, takes the opportunity to introduce who they are, their journey, and how they can help you in achieving your goals.

Established in 1991, Page Kirk Financial Services began as a small department within Page Kirk Chartered Accountants. Over time, recognising the unique needs of our clients, we emerged as an independent financial planning firm in 2010, and a totally separate company. Despite our evolution, we maintain a close connection with Page Kirk Chartered Accountants, ensuring a seamless collaboration between financial planning and accountancy services.

Who are we?

Page Kirk Financial Services is a firm of independent financial planners, empowering clients to build wealth, secure futures and attain success. We are in control of the way we run our firm and we aren't tied to any providers. Put simply, we will offer products from the whole of the market. This allows us to find solutions and make recommendations based on clients' unique goals. Being independent is something that we are extremely proud of.

What does a financial planner do?

In the simplest terms, we provide personalised financial advice to clients. This all starts with the creation of a financial plan. We conduct in-depth assessments of clients' financial situation, taking into account income, expenditure, assets, liabilities and long-term goals. By analysing this information, we can create a personalised financial plan to help you work towards your objectives. This may include providing solutions to meet your goals and advice on the most tax-efficient ways to achieve them.

What do financial planners help with?

With a great deal of compassion and reliability, we can guide you through some of the most important financial decisions. The areas we can help with include:

  • Retirement planning

Preparing for retirement is a key aspect of financial planning. We can help you understand how much you need as part of your financial plan, before recommending solutions to help you meet your retirement goals.

  • Estate planning

For many, ensuring their wealth is passed on efficiently to beneficiaries is a major concern. We can provide advice on solutions available to minimise inheritance tax, while ensuring that wealth can be passed on in a tax-efficient way.

  • Investment planning

We can provide advice on an investment strategy to meet your risk tolerance, time horizons and investment objectives.

  • Insurance

Mitigating financial risks is crucial. Whether it's diagnosis of a serious illness, being unable to work due to illness/injury, or death, we can provide advice to safeguard against unforeseen events for individuals and companies.

  • Workplace pensions

We also work with businesses regarding their workplace pensions. Whether implementing a scheme from the start or taking over existing pension schemes, we ensure compliance with auto-enrolment requirements and optimise the setup for maximum tax efficiency.

The work of a financial planner doesn't stop there. We provide ongoing advice to ensure you remain on track with your financial plan. Regular reviews help keep plans on track with any changes to your circumstances and regulations.

What do our clients say?

Our dedication is reflected in the long-standing relationships with clients, some of whom have been with us since the start in 1991. In a recent client survey, 98% of our clients said they believe working with us has helped – or will help – them achieve their financial goals, while 100% of the respondents were confident in the technical abilities and knowledge of their adviser. This is a great testament of all the hard work from the Page Kirk Financial Services team.

Recent changes

Page Kirk Financial Services have continued to grow and innovate. And as we have done so, we have felt our brand and website didn't reflect who we are. At the start of 2024 we launched our new website with our fresh look where our fantastic team take centre stage and where our brand provides clarity and consistency. Explore it at www.pkfs.co.uk. On our new site you will find:

  • The journey with us: Uncover all the stages of your financial journey, providing insights into what you can expect.
  • Transparent fee structure: We take pride in our commitment to transparency and our fees are openly presented for your clarity.
  • Meet our exceptional team: The heart of our success lies within our fantastic team. Get to know the individuals who make it all possible.
  • Blogs: A mix of insights on financial planning and unique lifestyle articles, offering valuable perspectives for your financial well-being.

Our values

The website development process allowed us to explore our identity and values more deeply. As a result of this, the Page Kirk Financial team identified four core values that we feel are crucial in delivering our leading service for clients.



Whether a new or long-standing client, we believe everyone deserves exceptional service levels and advice. We work collaboratively within our team and with professional connections to ensure our work is completed to the highest standard.



We are completely transparent with our service. We will give our professional opinion, even if it might be difficult to hear. All charges will be disclosed before we proceed with any work, so you know exactly what it will cost and there are no hidden surprises.



We want to be on the front foot, so as part of our ongoing service, we will come to you with ideas and thoughts in an ever-changing environment of legislation and taxation changes. We are on the end of the phone or in the room when you need us.



We only work with clients where we believe we can add value. We have access to a leading firm of chartered accountants, Page Kirk, to supplement the advice we provide and add value to other aspects of your life. This high-quality service is what sets us apart.

If you're intrigued and eager to learn more about how we can help you, it all starts with a chat. Feel free to contact us at enquiries@pkfs.co.uk or call 0115 993 6000. If it's not the right time for a chat, but you would like to stay in contact with us, you can sign up to our newsletter. Featuring a mix of insightful blogs on financial planning and unique lifestyle articles, it aims to keep you engaged and informed.

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