Welcoming Fresh Talent: Graduates and Placements Join Page Kirk

At Page Kirk, we're thrilled to introduce five remarkable individuals who have recently joined our team. There are three talented individuals on our graduate scheme and two eager placement students, ready to dive into the world of accounting.

Join us in welcoming trainee accountants Connor Limrick, Jonathan Brown and Jonathan Tait, along with placement students Charlotte Jeal and Ben Hassall. With fresh perspectives, diverse backgrounds and a shared passion for excellence, these new members are already making a big impact.

Senior partner John Wallis reflects on our dedication to nurturing the next generation of financial professionals:

“In the ever-evolving landscape of finance and accounting, fresh talent is the lifeblood of our industry. The addition of these five talented individuals reinforces our commitment to fostering young professionals and supporting their development. Their fresh perspectives, diverse backgrounds, and boundless enthusiasm bring new energy to our team, sparking innovation and creativity. We are confident that their contributions will not only benefit our firm but also set them on a trajectory toward prosperous careers in the financial and accounting sector.”

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Connor Limrick - A Familiar Face Returns

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Connor is no stranger to Page Kirk, having completed our placement scheme in 2022. Here is what he has to say about his return: "Returning as a graduate, it was nice to meet the other newbies, as well as being welcomed back by all the familiar faces. I was able to immediately settle in. Having completed university, this was the first time in my life where the next step isn't obvious, which can be daunting, so coming back to a familiar and warm environment was reassuring."

Connor's journey includes completing a placement year at Page Kirk in 2021/22, which he found invaluable in his final year of economics studies at Loughborough University. He remarks, "Having received an offer to return as a graduate, it was an obvious decision to accept, providing certainty about my future, as well as being able to return to the challenging work I enjoyed. I'm alongside colleagues who are friends, in a workplace perfectly balanced to help me complete the ACA qualification."

He looks forward to the next couple of years, which will entail intense training and study time as he pursues the ACA qualification. Connor sees this as an exciting opportunity to gain comprehensive insights and understanding in various subjects, thanks to the diverse requirements of the qualification.

Connor also highlights the vibrant social element at Page Kirk, which includes everything from nights out to fundraising activities during work and team outings. "There is always something for everyone to get involved in, and all of them are entertaining."

Jonathan Brown - Building a Career in Finance

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Jonathan Brown is thrilled to have secured a place on Page Kirk's graduate scheme to become a chartered accountant. He says: "After studying at the University of Nottingham for the last three years, I really wanted to remain in this vibrant city. Originally from East Grinstead, Nottingham has a lot to offer in terms of business and opportunity, and I'm glad I'm able to be part of the accounting community here."

Jonathan's journey was not conventional, having just completed his degree in Architectural Environmental Engineering. However, his keen interest in business operations and finance led him to consider a career in accountancy, especially given his desire to train while in full-time employment. The ACA qualification seemed like the perfect fit.

Jonathan looks forward to applying the skills he has gained during his degree to real-life situations at Page Kirk, such as problem-solving and a keen analytical mindset, which are invaluable in the world of accounting. Jonathan is excited about the high standards the ACA qualification will teach him, which will allow him to make meaningful contributions to clients and colleagues.

He acknowledges that his journey at Page Kirk was a little daunting to start with, but appreciates the support provided by his colleagues, which made him feel welcome. He aspires to swiftly achieve the ACA qualification and work his way up the ranks, ultimately aiming to become a partner.

Jonathan Tait - Embracing the World of Finance

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Jonathan Tait joins Page Kirk with a degree in Russian Studies from the University of Nottingham. His's academic background may seem unconventional for a career in accountancy, but he passionately explains that "accountancy felt like a sensible career path, since I love working with numbers, so audit and ACA made sense”. This shift in focus showcases his adaptability and the versatile skill set he brings to the table. Reflecting on the application process, he commends the Page Kirk HR team for making the journey straightforward and approachable.

For Jonathan, the ability to engage in full-time work while studying is a key attraction. Admitting he didn't know which career path he was going to take at first, he observes: “It was only in my final year of university when I realised the nature of the job. The training involved really appealed to me and made me feel confident in what my post-uni life would look like.” He looks forward to gaining new skills that will deepen his understanding of how businesses operate and how they are regulated.

Jonathan's first impressions of Page Kirk have been excellent. “Everyone is being very supportive and welcoming,” he says, “which is especially important to me as I lack knowledge of this field and feel I need support and patience as I get to grips with what we do at Page Kirk. Life in the office is vibrant yet professional and is a great atmosphere to work in." He appreciates Page Kirk's welcoming and supportive workplace culture, which aligns perfectly with his ideals and values.

Charlotte Jeal - Pursuing Excellence in Accounting and Finance

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Charlotte is currently pursuing a degree in Accounting and Finance at Aston University. When asked about her experience with our application process, Charlotte was positive.

"The application process at Page Kirk was a refreshing change. It allowed me to engage in more in-depth conversations and showcase my abilities. Additionally, the chance to explore both the tax and audit departments during my placement is invaluable."

One unique aspect of Charlotte's journey at Page Kirk is the opportunity to work in both the tax and audit departments throughout the year. This diverse exposure will help her decide her specialisation in the future and provide a more comprehensive experience. Charlotte is particularly enthusiastic about pursuing the CFAB qualification during her placement year, which is the first six modules of the ACA qualification. She says this seems a “very rare opportunity”. She recognises that this qualification will set her on a path to become a fully qualified accountant.

While Charlotte didn't always aspire to a career in the profession, her interest began during sixth form when she contemplated her post-A-level career. Her passion for maths guided her toward careers in the financial world. Over the next year, Charlotte aims to learn how to apply her university knowledge to real-world scenarios, bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Ben Hassall - Navigating the World of Economics and Accountancy

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Ben is currently studying economics at Nottingham Trent University, and his journey into the world of accounting began when he joined Page Kirk's placement scheme. Reflecting on his application experience, Ben found it straightforward and transparent, comprising a cover letter, an online interview and a face-to-face interview. Compared to other placement schemes with multiple stages, this simplicity made the process more enjoyable.

Ben's decision to pursue a career in accountancy was primarily driven by the opportunity to study towards the CFAB qualification, a choice that aligns with his research and interests. He emphasises: "The clear and efficient application process at Page Kirk, along with the chance to work towards the CFAB, made it an attractive choice for me."

Over the next year, he aspires to pass all the CFAB exams and gain practical skills. Ben is particularly excited about working as part of a team and taking the first step towards his ACA qualification.

Ben believes that the placement year will significantly benefit his final year at university, as it will acclimatise him to hard work and provide clarity on his post-graduation goals. He is confident that the placement scheme will be an asset to his future career, as he will graduate with practical accountancy experience and the first stage of the ACA qualification, positioning him well for success in his career after completing his degree.

Over the coming months, we look forward to witnessing the growth of our graduates and placement students, celebrating their achievements, while providing the guidance and mentorship they need to succeed. Page Kirk is excited to be a part of their journeys, and we can't wait to see how they thrive within our dynamic and supportive work environment.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Connor, the two Jonathans, Charlotte and Ben. We can't wait to see what they accomplish at Page Kirk.

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Jonathan Brown, Connor Limrick, Charlotte Jeal, Jonathan Tait and Ben Hassall outside the Page Kirk offices.