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Through our membership of Accelerate, we are affiliated with Crowe Global, a community of relationship-focused, technology-driven, value-based teams in over 130 accounting firms. This membership gives us the key to open doors. All member firms throughout the UK have the expertise and experience to deliver a range of business advisory and accountancy services directly to local businesses and organisations.

We understand that working internationally can be very important to our clients, so we scale our services in order to meet your international needs, keeping your services updated whenever there has been change. We offer complete peace of mind and the best value whether you are local or international.

At Page Kirk, we currently act for many large foreign-controlled, UK-based subsidiaries, with parent companies in the USA, The Netherlands, Denmark and Germany. We also support UK clients with overseas subsidiaries in locations such as the USA, China, Japan and the UAE.

Who we can help:

  • UK companies with non-UK parent who require their UK subsidiary to prepare audited accounts.
  • UK companies with non-UK subsidiaries who require consolidated accounts preparation and/or audit.
  • UK resident individuals who have foreign income sources.
  • UK companies who plan to expand internationally.
  • UK businesses who have concerns about how Brexit might impact their trade.

The services we can offer you:

  • We can carry out audit for UK companies whose overseas parent company requires them to prepare audited accounts.
  • We can orchestrate audit and accounts preparation for non-UK subsidiary companies of a UK parent.
  • We can prepare consolidated group accounts for a UK company with non-UK subsidiaries who may be reporting in foreign currency.
  • We can provide international contacts for businesses who wish to expand their business overseas.

Problems you may encounter, which we can easily solve:

  • Having to deal with different advisers/accountants in multiple countries which can create a slow communication process.
  • Not knowing how to find a first contact with overseas, or even where to look.
  • Thinking that an audit or accounts preparation for non-UK subsidiaries will be a long and laborious process.
  • Potential language barriers when dealing with overseas advisers/accountants.
  • Concerns about operating legally when expanding business internationally, due to the different rules and different governance in each country.
  • Issues over how UK accounts will change if you have to report using international accounting standards instead of UK accounting standards.
  • Compliance in overseas countries that might prevent you accessing the huge gains from expanding internationally.

Why our international services stand out to any other accountancy firm:

  • We not only have connections throughout Europe, but also worldwide.
  • We don’t simply outsource like some other firms might do. Our contacts are part of our ‘Accelerate’ association too.
  • We give you complete peace of mind.
  • We have a friendly and approachable team.
  • You will have a dedicated account manager and point of contact.

For more information call 0115 955 5500, email

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